What is the BIOAPP ?

The BIOAPP is a web application used to easely setup and manage a network of observers. A stimulating environment where people can easely ad their observations to you database, share through the forum and learn from the rich content of species desriptive files.

Is the BIOAPP right for me ?

  • You need to collect as much data as possible for one or many species?
  • You whant to educate people about one or many species?
  • You whant to facilitate communication between people sharing an common interrest for one or many species?

If your answer is "yes" to any or all of these questions, then the BIOAPP is right for you!

Why the BIOAPP ?

From the administrator perspective:

  • The BIOAPP is a complete solution that offers manny tools (See "Description" for more details).
  • It is easy to administrate with little or no html knowlege.
  • It can integrate the graphical apearance and content of a preowned website.
  • Much control over who can do what within the site.

From the visitor perspective:

  • A very friendly-user form for adding observations where data is validated as it is entered.
  • An easy acces to the data entered by all observers through the observation map, the species descriptive files and the members pages.
  • Possibility to be notified by e-mail when new observations are added for species of their choice.
  • A place to communicate with other people sharing a common interrest.
  • Learn through rich and well organised content including text, photos, videos, maps, charts and more.